Show Them Who's Boss – Women Thriving in Construction


The construction industry has long been a male-dominated field, but that is quickly changing. More and more women are entering the field and making their mark as leaders and professionals. In this article, we will explore the rise of professional women in construction and how they are showing the industry who’s boss.

The Rise of Professional Women in Construction

Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes

Historically, construction has been seen as a “man’s job”, with women being relegated to administrative or support roles. However, in recent years, more and more women have been breaking barriers and stereotypes by entering the field as professionals.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), women make up 9.9% of the construction industry workforce in the United States. While this may seem like a small percentage, it is a significant increase from previous years and shows a growing trend of women entering the industry.

The Benefits of Diversity in Construction

The rise of professional women in construction brings many benefits to the industry. Diversity in the workplace has been proven to increase innovation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. With more women in leadership and professional roles, the construction industry is seeing a positive shift in its approach to projects and problem-solving.

Additionally, having a diverse workforce can also improve company culture and employee satisfaction. When women are given equal opportunities and treated with respect in the workplace, it creates a more positive and inclusive environment for all employees.

To learn more about the positive impact of the recent increase of women in construction, check out Women In Construction: Shattering the Glass Ceiling.

How to Succeed as a Woman in Construction

Let’s have a look at some of the ways women are navigating toward success in a male-dominated field.

Networking and Mentorship

One of the keys to success for women in construction is networking and mentorship. Building relationships with other professionals in the industry can open doors for opportunities and provide valuable support and guidance.

Organizations like NAWIC and Women Construction Owners & Executives (WCOE) offer networking events and mentorship programs specifically for women in construction. These resources can help women connect with others in the industry and learn from experienced professionals.

Embracing Strengths

Women bring unique strengths and perspectives to the construction industry, and it’s important to embrace and showcase these. Whether it’s attention to detail, communication skills, or problem-solving abilities, these strengths can set women apart and help them succeed in their roles.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

The construction industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professionals, women and men, to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Continuous learning and professional development can help women stay competitive and advance in their careers.

Organizations like the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) offer training and certification programs for construction professionals. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help women expand their knowledge and skills and stand out in the industry.

A Quick Note on Dressing for the Job

Gone are the days of flouncy tops and pencil skirts. We have women in the field now, not just manning the phones. In the world of construction, women face a unique challenge when it comes to dressing for the job due to the fact that traditional workwear has been designed primarily for men. With more women entering the field, there is a growing need for appropriate and functional clothing options that will help them succeed (and be taken seriously in a male-dominated industry).

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Companies Supporting Women in Construction

We want to give a big pat on the back to the construction industry as a whole for making changes. There’s still a long way to go, but here’s how some companies are doing a great job encouraging women to dive in.

Creating Inclusive Work Environments

Many companies in the construction industry are taking steps to create more inclusive work environments for women. This includes implementing policies and practices that promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all employees.

Companies like Turner Construction and Skanska have been recognized for their efforts and have implemented programs and initiatives to support women in construction and create a more inclusive culture.

Providing Mentorship and Leadership Opportunities

In addition to creating inclusive work environments, some companies are also providing opportunities specifically to help women succeed in their field. These opportunities include mentorship programs, leadership training, and networking events.

For example, construction company McCarthy has a Women’s Resource Group that provides mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities for women in the company. This type of support can help women advance in their careers and succeed in the industry.

Girl Bosses in Construction

You heard us. Bosses. As more women enter the construction industry, they are also taking on leadership roles. These women are breaking barriers and proving that they have what it takes to lead in a traditionally male-dominated field. We love to see it.

Overcoming Challenges

While women in construction are making strides and proving themselves as leaders, they still face challenges and obstacles in the industry. Some of these challenges include:

  • Gender bias and discrimination
  • Lack of representation and mentorship
  • Limited opportunities for advancement
  • Physical demands of the job

These challenges are not stopping women from pursuing their goals and making their mark in the industry, however. With determination and perseverance, women in construction are showing that they are just as capable and skilled as their male counterparts.

Inspiring Examples

Women in construction are not only breaking stereotypes but also inspiring others to pursue careers they once thought were out of reach. Let’s delve into the stories of three women who are making their mark.

Carol Hagen – Construction Technology Consultant

Carol Hagen, a prominent figure in the construction industry, is known for her expertise in construction technology and project management. With over 25 years of experience, Carol has paved the way for many women in the field. When asked about her journey, Carol shares, “I believe that diversity in the construction industry is crucial for driving innovation and progress. Women bring a unique perspective that can enhance project outcomes and foster a collaborative work environment.”

Sarah Reynolds – Sustainable Building Advocate

Sarah Reynolds is a trailblazer in advocating for sustainable building practices within the construction industry. Her passion for environmental conservation reflects in her work, where she integrates eco-friendly solutions into construction projects. Sarah emphasizes, “Sustainability is not just a trend; it’s a responsibility. As women in construction, we have the power to create a lasting impact by incorporating green practices into every aspect of our work.”

Mia Patel – Project Manager and Mentor

Mia Patel, a dedicated project manager, is known for her leadership skills and commitment to mentorship. Mia believes in empowering the next generation of women in construction. She states, “As a mentor, my goal is to support and uplift women in the industry. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we can build a stronger community of female professionals who excel in construction.”

What can we learn from these women?

These women, with their passion, dedication, and vision, are not only achieving success in their respective roles but are also inspiring others to join the construction industry. Their stories serve as a testament to the strength and capability of women in a male-dominated industry.

Women in construction aren’t just shaping buildings and structures but are shaping the future of the industry itself. Determined, resilient women like Carol, Sarah, and Mia are breaking barriers and showing that gender does not define capability. As more women rise to leadership positions and excel in construction, the industry becomes richer, more diverse, and more innovative. Let these examples inspire a new generation of female professionals to make their mark in the world of construction.

And It’s a Wrap

The rise of professional women in construction is a positive trend that is bringing diversity and innovation to the industry. With more women taking on leadership roles and breaking barriers, the construction industry is becoming a more inclusive and dynamic field.

By embracing their strengths, networking and seeking mentorship, and continuously learning and developing their skills, women in construction can show the industry who’s boss and pave the way for future generations of female professionals.

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